Why Plan-build-run is still relevant in an agile world

During the last years “agile” is starting to establish itself as a the standard for software development, reducing the cycle time to get updates to the users. For Cloud native applications a quarterly update cycle is standard, and the related continues integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) “devops” tooling has matured.
Most enterprise applications, especially SaaS applications do not live on an island! They are typically interconnected with multiple other systems, and most of these “other” enterprise applications have not come to cloud native, or to the cloud at all yet. So where does that leave devops and ci/cd in that whole hybrid environment? In my view we continue to need to leverage plan-build-run setups to ensure that innovations coming down the SaaS-pipe actually can be deployed, and all the integrations keep on working. With the forced 3 monthly upgrade cycle, what we end-up with is a need to strengthen the planning and integration building capacities, so these innovations can actually be leveraged. And additionally, a continuous training of end users and IT support staff to absorb the continuous changes, will require a change in setup of communication lines and organizational setup in most companies. How do you plan to adapt to this mode of continuous change? #cloud #agile #training #devops